Interested in Participating?

Who is eligible to participate?

We are looking for a diverse group of families to participate in an 18-month study of infant feeding and growth. Families do not need to use a certain amount or type of technology - we hope to study families with a wide variety of opinions about and uses of technology in their homes. The only technology required is that the family has a smartphone or tablet.

Overall, first-time mothers and their healthy, term infants of either sex will be eligible. At enrollment, women who meet the following requirement are eligible to participate:

  1. 18-years of age or older
  2. In 3rd trimester of singleton pregnancy
  3. History of low-risk pregnancy
  4. Lives within 50 miles of the Cal Poly campus

Will families be compensated for participation?

We value families' time and willingness to contribute to research through study participation. We provide compensation at each assessment based on what part of the study was completed. Participants will receive up to $460 in cash, which includes $45 at the prenatal and 9-month visits, $105 at the 1-2-month and 4-month visits, $65 at the 6-month visit, and $95 at the 12-month visit. 

How do I enroll?

Contact us! We are happy to answer any questions you have about study participation. If you decide you would like to participate, we will first ask you a few questions to assess whether or not you are eligible and, if you are eligible, we will enroll you and your family in the study.


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